SME Support

MSME UDYAM registration


  • Become eligible for Industrial Promotion Subsidy
  • Provides 50% subsidy on Patent Registration
  • Protection against delayed Payments
  • Reimbursement in NSIC Schemes and Certification Programmes
  • Market Assistance from the government and export promotion
  • Technology Up-gradation Support

We help you in the process of MSME UDYAM registration – NO FEES

MSME Grievances

There are many grievances of SME sector which are either ignored or not taken up properly with the relevant authority, few of them are:

  • Excess charges / Undue charges levied by Bank for any services or any fees which is violating the Sanction terms / letter with the bank
  • Wrong Rate of Interest being charged in the statement
  • Delayed payments from corporates / large customers
  • Non Payment of dues from corporates / large customers
  • Any service issues with the financial institution

We provide complete end to end assistance in filling your compliant with relevant authorities and getting the issue resolved.

Advisory on MSME Business

As a SME business it is highly advisable to work with experts and professionals. It will reduce your business risk and increase the delivery results.

We provide all financial and management related consultancy to SME business be it a regular execution level consultancy or any one time decision advisory.

There are no long-term contracts and we provide immediate help without the costly investment.

Get Momentum: In SME vertical many timesvital tasks are placed on the back-burner due to staff limitations / risk of delegation / availability of desired skill set and cost factors. With us a SME can increases its business multi fold and focus on growth and we ensure that better results are achieved.

Change Management: Change is very difficult for a SME entrepreneur for a variety of reasons like non delegation mind set, multi-tasking for single entrepreneur, key decision changes. Here we manage your risk management with plan, implement and results.

  • Helps in making business operation better, smooth and faster
  • Practical advice which is easy to implement

PSB LOANS IN 59 minutes

In-principle approval on helps you to ease the process of loan approval in the bank.

We help you in the online process getting In-principle approval on above website. This approval is purely In-Principle approval only and loan disbursal is subject to sanction from specific bank.