Unsecured Business Loan

Business loans can be obtained in a quick time but are available at a higher rate than secured loans. These loans can be utilized for Business Expansion, purchase of Machinery, Working Capital, Bridge Funding, Debt Consolidation and for any other business purpose. These loans are given for a short tenure of minimum 1 year to and maximum up to 5 years.

  • Fast process of sanction within a 3-5 days TAT
  • Higher rate of interest but no collateral security
  • For Urgent requirement / procuring specific order / other means of finance not available / want to close the loan within shorter tenure / immediate financial liability
  • Provided by multiple Banks and NBFC
  • Eligibility on the basis of the past credit history, business Growth and credit worthiness

Product include

  • Income Criteria
  • GST return surrogate product
  • Banking surrogate products
  • Existing Track Basis Top up